Instax on the RB67

With the looming end of FP-100c and peel apart film for the existing polaroid backs there is soon to be no affordable instant film on the RB67. I’m not affiliated with this kickstarter in any way but I’m really excited to see if it will work out (I’m personally undecided on whether I should reserve one). The Instax Wide is almost a perfect fit for 6×7 (really 7×7). It looks like this adapter mates with one of the existing Polaroid back adapters, thus will not use the rotating back. However, like the existing polaroid, you should get a “squarish” image. I’m hoping to get some more clarity from the project.



Instant film while you can!

If you have not heard yet, Fujifilm is discontinuing their last peel apart instant film, FP-100c. With this going away, there are no new production instant film for any of the Polaroid backs available for the RB67.

Personally, I’m resisting all my urges to spend my savings buying up FP-100c. Fujifilm has been discontinuing films for a long time now. Each makes me sad, but this feels okay as I see various small little operations like Kodak Alaris, Ilford and Adox emerge from ashes producing good stuff. However, with regards to color peel apart film, this is it! Nothing else will work in the polaroid back and, as of late 2017, I have not found anyone who has figured out how to use Instax or new Polaroid film in the RB67.

If you have not shot FP-100C on a RB67 you should! The film does an excellent job of capturing the feel of looking through the RB67 lens.


Q&A: 6×8 on the RB67?

Image courtesy of Chemical Cameras

Somewhere during the Pro-S years Mamiya introduced a way of shooting 6×8 on the RB67. Several different components are needed to shoot 6×8 and in the end you will end of with a 5.6cmx7.5cm (compared with the 5.6cm by 6.8cm negative for the normal 6×7 back). However, the 6×8 frame size will only be used when the back is rotated to portrait.

From my notes on RB67 6×8; To have a full 6×8 setup, first start with a Pro-S or Pro-SD body (the Pro body can be used with some work), then add the following.

  • a 6×8 power back.
  • a 6×8 light baffle–which lies between the revolving adapter and the body. You can tell what sort of baffle you have by taking off the current revolving adapter. There is a flat black baffle held in by four screws, if this says “8” or “6×8” you are ready to go.
  • Pro-SD 6×8 revolving adapter
  • a 6×8 Matte screen to get full 6×8 view(optional)

If all the pieces are assembled, you should have a 5.6cm x 7.5cm frame size. APUG user jtcliff was able to test different configurations of the above components and the resulting frame size.

  • RB67 Pro Body + RB67 Pro revolving adapter + 6×8 power back:  5.6cm x 7.2cm negative.
  • RB67 Pro Body + RB67 Pro-SD revolving adapter + 6×8 power back: 5.6cm x 7.3cm negative
  • RB67 Pro Body + RB67 Pro-SD revolving adapter+ 6×8 power back + “8” light baffle: 5.6cm x 7.5cm negative

In the end, you have to wonder if all the work is really worth it for an extra .7cm…


Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD Brochure

Just finished scanning the sales brochure for the Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD. Enjoy!

RB67 Pro-SD Brochure


New Mamiya RB67 sales brochure added

I scanned a copy of a sales brochure for the original RB67. Enjoy!

RB67 Brochure


Custom RB67 skin

Just found this nicely executed replacement of the leatherette on a RB67 Pro-S


Q&A: RB67 Film Back Compatibility

All film backs are compatible with all bodies.  However, the earliest backs (the ones before the Pro-S, including Graflex backs) body do not have the multiple exposure interlock or the the darkslide interlock. The Pro body has no way of preventing multiple exposures–it is entirely up to you to remember to advance the film. Likewise, the darkslide interlock on the Pro-S and Pro-SD bodies prevents you from removing the darkslide while the film back is not mounted as well as preventing you from removing the film back while the darkslide is removed. Both interlocks require mechanical features on the film back as well as the body. This means that you have a Pro-S or Pro-SD body and use an older back, you will miss out on what is probably the most important feature of the new generation–the two interlocks.