Mamiya has released three versions of the RB67. The basic formula is unchanged, only minor things changed in each revision.

RB 67 Pro (Original) 1970

  • 3lb 8 oz without a lens
  • X flash sync up to 1/400 sec because the camera uses a leaf-shutter–an iris shutter in the lens rather than in the body. However, 1/400 sec is not just your max sync speed, it is also your max speed, period.
  • Removable backs for 120 film and 220 film that can be changed mid-roll
  • Revolving back, instead of rotating the whole camera to get a horizontal composition you just rotate the back.
  • Macro is feasible with most lens due to the bellows focusing, 1:1 possible for wide angle lens.
  • Mirror lock up mode–you’ll probably need it because the mirror is huge

RB 67 Pro-S 1974

Same as Pro, plus

  • double-exposure interlock
  • viewfinder landscape/portrait orientation indicator
  • self-erecting focusing hood
  • Focus lock
  • some later models have larger light baffles to allow for 6×8 backs.

 RB67 Pro-SD User Guide  from

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Repair Manual

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Parts Catalog

RB 67 Pro-SD 1990

same as Pro-S, plus

  • Larger throat needed for two KL lenses 75mm shift and 50mm
  • 6×8 backs
  • Has larger light baffle to allow for 6×8 backs.
  • Due to the larger throat, it is recommended to use a special spacer adapter to firmly mount Non-C and C lenses.  However, Mamiya indicates that these lenses can be mounted without the ring adapter.

Manual from

Suggestion: Buy a Pro-SD unless you find a particularly great deal. The price difference does not seem to be that great right now.


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