Polaroid Film

The RB67 bodies can accept several different backs allowing you to shoot onto instant film, if you can find the film. As of late 2017 the only option is FP-100c, but you should probably act fast as supplies will probably soon dry up as that film is no longer produced.

  • FP-100C ISO 100 color 3.25″x4.25″ (discontinued)
  • FP-100B ISO 100 black and white 3.25″x4.25″ (discontinued by FujiFilm USA as of 1/2013)
  • FP-3000B ISO 3000 black and white 3.25″x4.25″ (discontinued)

Any information on using Impossible Project or Instax film on the RB67 is appreciated.


The original Pro did not have a specifically made Polaroid back. However, an adapter was sold, known as the P-adapter that allowed the Polaroid Land Pack holder (Model 1,2, and 3) designed for the Mamiya Universal camera. Without the P-adapter, this back is unable to be mounted to any of the RB-67 bodies. The Polaroid back released with the Pro-SD includes a integrated P-adapter and mounts directly to the back of the camera body.

When shooting onto a Polaroid back there is no mask so you get a 7cmx7cm square image which means there are black bars on the sides of the instant film (the film is rectangular.)


  • Pro-SD Polaroid pack Film Holder HP701 (horizontal and vertical masks are available, but not necessary) – does not requires a P-adapter to mount to body.
  • The following require the use of a P-adapter to mate with the body.
    • Polaroid Land pack film holder Model 1
    • Polaroid Land pack film holder Model 2
    • Polaroid Land pack film holder Model 3

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