• No. 1 Matte – Entirely matted with Fresnel lens
  • No. 2 Check – Entirely matted with Fresnel lens and sectional grid markings
  • No. 3 Rangefinder spot Entirely matted with Fresnel lens and split prism at center
  • No. 4 Microprism – Entirely matted with Fresnel lens and micro prism at center
  • No. 5 Cross-hair – Entirely matted Center small circular portion is transparent with cross hairs marker (useful for high magnification or telephoto, using parallax focusing)


same as Pro, but with the following addition

  • No. 6 Rangefinder spot 45 deg/microprism


Type AMatte
Type AMatte, for 6x8
Type A4Checker, a regular grid with 1 cm spacingType A4 - Checker
Type BRangefinder spot in center of screenType B - Rangefinder Spot
Type CMicroprism circle in center of screenType C - Microprism
Type DSmall crosshair in center of screen
Type ERangefinder spot in center of screen, centered in slightly larger microprism circle


Finders are compatible across all bodies. Any finder will work with any body.

HoodPro Waist Level Finder1.5x150gThe most basic waist level finder, has diopter correction (with removable diopter correction lenses)
PrismPrism Finder Model 2.9x880gThe second generation prism finder, notably the same model works on both RZ67 and RB67.
PrismPD Prism Finder.9x920gTTL averaging or spot meter; LED indicators; ISO 12-6400; EV3.6-EV18.5; Photodiode cell, not CdS
PrismCdS Prism FinderTTL centerweighted meter; match needle; CdS cell
HoodPD Magnifying Hood Finder1.3x540g3% spot mete at center of finder; LED indicators; ISO 12-6400; EV3.6-EV18.5; Photodiode cell, not CdS; built-in diopter correction
HoodMagnifying HoodBetter light sealing and higher magnification than waist level finder
HoodDual Magnifying Hood3x-5xBetter light sealing than WLF, includes variable magnification of the center of the viewfinder
HoodCdS Chimney finderSame as a magnifying hood but includes TTL meter; it is sort of a spot meter; CdS cells
HoodUniversal Sports Finder?
HoodPro-S Waist Level Finder1.5xMild improvements on Pro Waist Level finder, but otherwise the same


  • Magnifying “chimney” hood – better light sealing and high magnification than waist level finder. The chimney finders look directly down on the screen, they do not contain a pentaprism. Hence, they keep the left/right reversal of using the waist level finder.
  • Dual magnifying “chimney” hood – similar to the above but magnifies the center view between 3x and 5x.
  • CdS “chimney” – built in CdS meter with TTL metering. This is a bit strange of a meter, you actually move a little sensor around the view finder, giving you a spot meter. Note, this meter is not tied to the camera in any way, you have to move the settings read from the meter to the camera, there is no connection. This meter only features a on/off switch, so if you forget to turn it off, the batteries will drain.
  • CdS prism finder – A bit simpler than the chimney CdS meter. This is an averaging meter and it is a prism, so it corrects the left/right reversal. It only features an on/off switch, so the batteries can be drained.
  • Prism finder
    • Viewing Angle: 30°
    • Magnification: 2.2x
  • Universal sportsfinder


  • PD Meter Prism Finder
  • PD Meter Chimney Hood
  • New waist level finder that is slightly easier to erect.


  • Prism finder model 2

Additional Accessories

Prism Magnifier FD701

A little magnifier optic that flips over the PD Prism and Prism Model 2.

Dual cable release

Due to the somewhat tricky nature of using a cable release on the RB67, Mamiya sold a dual cable release. It is a single plunger with two connectors, one is connected to the normal shutter release on the body, the other to the shutter release socket on the lens. As you press down on the plunger, the cable connected to the body triggers first triggering the mirror up, the cable connected to the shutter release on the lens is triggered, which activates the shutter. (Image courtesy of revdocjim)

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