Digital Backs

Better Light

Better Light makes an adapter so that their scanning backs can be mounted to the RB-67. This scans the full area (actually ~7cmx7cm). Focus as normal, lock the mirror, set the shutter to bulb, then use the scanning back as normal. Advantage–true full frame, incredible resolution. Disadvantage–~loooong exposures.

  • Better Light Inc. Model 4000
  • Better Light Inc. Model 6000
  • Better Light Inc. Super 6K
  • Better Light Inc. Super 8K


ZD Back

The ZD back is a 36mm x 48mm CCD sensor. Mamiya produces an adapter for the RB67,  HX-702,  that allows the Mamiya ZD back to be used with a Pro-S or Pro-SD.


DCS Pro 465

ISO 100.  2036 x 3060; 12-bit color CCD. Sensor is about 35mm size.

DCS Pro Back/Plus/645


  • Sinar Sinarback 23
  • Sinar Sinarback 43, 43H
  • Sinar Sinarback 44
  • Sinar Sinarback 54
  • Sinar Sinarback 54H

Sinarback 23-54

Sinar 54M


Requires 3rd party adapter


Imacon Ixpress 96C
Imacon Ixpress 132C
Imacon Ixpress 384C
Imacon Ixpress 528C
Imacon Ixpress 384

Imacon Ixpress 96

Imacon Flexframe 3020/4040:


MegaVision S3

MegaVision S3 pro

  • 36x24mm 3072×2048 pixel CCD w. 12 micron pixel size
  • Single-shot
  • Dynamic range: 12 bits per color;
  • 36-bit RGB ISO 100-400

MegaVision S4
MegaVision S427 


Leaf Leaf C-Most

Mosaic Imaging

Mosaic Imaging Luma

Mosaic Imaging Luma II


4 responses to “Digital Backs”

  1. Skel Avatar

    What adpter I need for use RB67 Pro SD with Kodak DCS Pro Back 645, or if it’s more options can you tell me some advantages and disadvantages of compatible adapters ?
    Thanks you.

  2. lucio Avatar

    hey , you got an answer? i have the rb 67

  3. Frank Gosebruch Avatar

    The Mamiya RB67 Pro SD has a substantial advantage compared to many other analogue cameras with attachable digital back.

    At the digital rear Mamiya ZD Back, the IR cut-off filter YB401 can be removed and instead, e.g. a Kodak Wratten gelatin filter 87C can be attached. With this method, you only lose about one exposure level.

    The viewfinder image remains bright and clearly visible with this method.
    I have tested this setup extensively:

  4. Albert Avatar

    I am looking for a Digital Back for a Mamiya RB67 Professional SD Camera Body. Which one can you recommend? Please advise. Thank you.

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