Mamiya has released three versions of the RB67. The basic formula is unchanged, only minor things changed in each revision.

RB 67 Pro (Original) 1970

  • 3lb 8 oz without a lens
  • X flash sync up to 1/400 sec because the camera uses a leaf-shutter–an iris shutter in the lens rather than in the body. However, 1/400 sec is not just your max sync speed, it is also your max speed, period.
  • Removable backs for 120 film and 220 film that can be changed mid-roll
  • Revolving back, instead of rotating the whole camera to get a horizontal composition you just rotate the back.
  • Macro is feasible with most lens due to the bellows focusing, 1:1 possible for wide angle lens.
  • Mirror lock up mode–you’ll probably need it because the mirror is huge

RB 67 Pro-S 1974

Same as Pro, plus

  • double-exposure interlock
  • viewfinder landscape/portrait orientation indicator
  • self-erecting focusing hood
  • Focus lock
  • some later models have larger light baffles to allow for 6×8 backs.

 RB67 Pro-SD User Guide  from

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Repair Manual

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Parts Catalog

RB 67 Pro-SD 1990

same as Pro-S, plus

  • Larger throat needed for two KL lenses 75mm shift and 50mm
  • 6×8 backs
  • Has larger light baffle to allow for 6×8 backs.
  • Due to the larger throat, it is recommended to use a special spacer adapter to firmly mount Non-C and C lenses.  However, Mamiya indicates that these lenses can be mounted without the ring adapter.

Manual from

Suggestion: Buy a Pro-SD unless you find a particularly great deal. The price difference does not seem to be that great right now.


8 responses to “Bodies”

  1. Paul Avatar


    I am in the process of purchasing a RB67 SD kit with what I think is a K/L 90mm.
    Does anyone know how I can check the age of the body, back, lens and whether it has been reported stolen?

    Many thanks,

  2. David Avatar

    Here’s an updated link for the manual on the Mamiya-Leaf web site:×7/RB67_Pro_SD_v7.pdf

  3. Bill Snow Avatar
    Bill Snow

    Remember: Bigger the negative, the better the image. Film has always been better than digital. Film has warmth and you can’t beat film for natural light images. Would you trust your irreplaceable pictures to a computer, no way Hos’e !!. Get right, get film man! Nuf said.

  4. Bill Snow Avatar

    I use 120/220 film and I love it. Went to digital disliked it. No comparison to film. Glad I hung on to my film cameras. I am using Bronica SQ (2) .Mamyia 645 1000. Mamyia 645 pro. I have motor drives for both. A custom built 4×5 with rotating Graflock back, which is of my own design. And my latest is a RB67 Pro SD with 120/220 motorized back and a metered prism finder, all in mint condition. Everything mentioned here, thanks to ebay. I’ve been shooting with film now since 1948!!

  5. Ray Goulter Avatar
    Ray Goulter

    I have a Mamiya RB67 ProS (still in A1 condition) with numerous lenses and backs from RB67, ProS, motorised 6×7 and motorised 6×8. I work with 120 but mainly 220; I also work in 4×5 and 10×8 LF sheet film (Sinar). I love film, and like Bill Snow got disenchanted with digital. I purchased a Nikon D300 years ago – mainly for weddings where the bride & groom wanted images on DVD etc. I rarely do weddings now. You simply can’t beat swimming in the chemicals of your darkroom! Try and get digital to compete with the detail and fine gradation of film – especially 10×8! It’s a no-brainer. From what I can see, there’s still good Mamiya cameras, lenses and backs on eBay. Some backs I got on eBay required new rubber light-seals and I did these myself.

  6. Paul Weijenberg Avatar

    Have used TLR C-330’s for weddings, then switched to RB67, still have 1 Pro, 1 Pro-S, 2 Pro-SD’s. I use them all. Quality is awesome and the quality of film still shines through after scanning and printing. Have nearly all C and K/L lenses. I just love the 75mm, and the shift version.

  7. Pete Avatar

    I wondered if there were any improvements on late models of Pro SD ?
    seems the base is slightly different but otherwise I could not track down any major updates?

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