C 360mm f/6.3

  • Angle of View: 14 deg
  • Construction: 8 elements/5 groups
  • Filter Size: 77mm
  • Minimum Focus: 3460mm
  • Weight: 1040g
  • Minimum Aperture: 45


6 responses to “C 360mm f/6.3”

  1. Nanzetta merriman Avatar
    Nanzetta merriman

    Is your 360 still available? If so, does it come with an adapter ring, so that it can be mounted on a RB67 ProSD?

    1. Witold Avatar

      Adapter ring is NOT critical, but I still use them as it feels so much better when mounting a lens on SD. They come off easy, and since rings alone go for a good dough these (4 years after your post) one could get away with owning just one for all lenses.

  2. Witold Avatar

    Typo there: 8 elements / 85 groups ???

    1. jodys Avatar

      Yeah, typo. Thanks!

  3. Paul Weijenberg Avatar

    I use this lens handheld. Still very sharp results.

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