Q&A: RB67 Film Back Compatibility

All film backs are compatible with all bodies.  However, the earliest backs (the ones before the Pro-S, including Graflex backs) body do not have the multiple exposure interlock or the the darkslide interlock. The Pro body has no way of preventing multiple exposures–it is entirely up to you to remember to advance the film. Likewise, the darkslide interlock on the Pro-S and Pro-SD bodies prevents you from removing the darkslide while the film back is not mounted as well as preventing you from removing the film back while the darkslide is removed. Both interlocks require mechanical features on the film back as well as the body. This means that you have a Pro-S or Pro-SD body and use an older back, you will miss out on what is probably the most important feature of the new generation–the two interlocks.






4 responses to “Q&A: RB67 Film Back Compatibility”

  1. Harry Avatar

    I find it odd that the back itself opening is not interlocked. Unless my backs are broken (they’re old so it’s possible) it seems I can pull the silver lever down and open the film back at any time which I assume could fog frames in the middle of the roll.

    The back knows when it is in the middle of the roll, after all it knows the count is between 1 and 10. Any idea why they don’t interlock it so you are not allowed to open the film back until it is wound to the end? They could have added an override for cases where the film becomes jammed and you are unable to wind to the end.

    1. jodys Avatar

      I have a Pro-SD back and, like the older ones, you can open the whole back mid-roll. I think it is just a design flaw, but but I don’t know for sure. I know that I’ve ruined a roll accidentally. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Frank Avatar

    Where can I buy an adapter for the RB67 pro body for the 120-220 film backs?

    1. jodys Avatar

      My go to is always, https://keh.com

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