Custom RB67 skin

Just found this nicely executed replacement of the leatherette on a RB67 Pro-S






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  1. chase canadé Avatar

    I’ve seen custom leatherettes on some of the 50’s cameras and a Kiev. Would love to see what you found but the link is broke. (at least via my mobile.)

    Are they replacement leathers you put on yourself? If so I may have a link to a company that make’s them for several brands and models using all kinds of exotic leathers. I’ll loo look for it and email it to you if you’d like.

    1. jodys Avatar

      Sorry about the link, it looks like google still has a cache up,

      It looks like something that someone made for themselves. If you can find someone making precut leathers, I would love to know. I certainly have some worn backs that good use a sprucing up.

  2. chase canadé Avatar

    Happy New Year Jodys!
    I added a link to your site on mine, thought you wouldn’t mind.

    I found two places you might find of interest. Both sell custom camera leathers. Though for the RB I think the first one is your best bet, but maybe both will make them. The second link you can get a light seal kit for the RB67 and they have instructions with pics, so check that out for sure. Here are the links:


    Here is the link to the light seal replacement tutorial:

    I do remember someone was really fancy replacement leathers for a lot of the 50’s box cameras as well. They had it on the news I think, not sure. But they were making the 50’s style box cameras a chiche and expensive designer thing. Maybe South Beach Miami, sounds like something you’d find there though. 😉

    Hope that helps, again, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    – chase –

  3. chase canadé Avatar

    Happy New Year Jodys!

    One place that I found was

    They make custom leathers for all types of cameras. They don’t have the RB or the RZ listed but from what I hear they make them. You just have to email them.

    There’s another site as well,

    They have light seals and a good tutorial on how to install them.

    Talk soon and have a great year,


  4. Panoramic PEI Avatar
    Panoramic PEI

    When I receive my Mamiya RB SD I will recover it with Dark Navy Blue Ostrich Skin.
    I have recovered many Bronica ERTSi & ETRS cameras in the past although looking forward to my first experience with the RB SD project. I really dislike the Mamiya original covering.
    Link here:
    These are my personal cameras, I have recovered several others & resold them just to try something new…
    Although as time goes by it is more & more difficult to find cameras in mint condition to continue the process.

    1. jodys Avatar

      I would appreciate any updates on your recovering of an RB67 and any details or advice you have on recovering the RB67.

      1. Panoramic PEI Avatar
        Panoramic PEI

        As soon as I receive the SD I will know more.
        The Bronica ETRS & ERTSi Camera & Accessories recovering I have become close towards perfect with experience.
        Each new piece is a new experience. Nothing comes easy, the first Bronica ETRS I tried was so scratched up I sold it at a $25.00 profit. Very easy to slip with the Exacto.
        It still looked great in general with Cobra Snake Skin.
        Ostrich Skin is thicker & tougher to cut especially the Ostrich Legs so time will tell & I’ll be pleased to share any info.

        1. Panoramic PEI Avatar
          Panoramic PEI

          I completed the Mamiya RB with Black Ostrich Skin…
          the first thing I noticed was the Mamiya Leatherette is more plastic than any other material, the reason why the camera feels very slippery when handling. The fact that the larger pieces are very well glued, it seems the over plastic material sort of rots the components under the glue. Some rust was showing & some pieces of foam or rubber needed cleaning before starting to recover. My camera is a later version, I wouldn’t like to see much earlier models under the original Vinyl. Smaller pieces are not well glued & come off easily, yet everything appears cleaner underneath.
          The Mamiya RB needed twice the amount of Ostrich Skin compared to a Bronica ETRSi,, no margin for errors, the Ostrich Skin could wind up costing more than the camera. The trick is to place the Ostrich Skin that it makes sense to the overall appeal & handling but waste little at the same time. Some smaller hidden pieces were difficult to cut, some pieces were more difficult to glue. The camera feels much more secure to handle & appears much classier & unique.
          Photos here:

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