Instant film while you can!

If you have not heard yet, Fujifilm is discontinuing their last peel apart instant film, FP-100c. With this going away, there are no new production instant film for any of the Polaroid backs available for the RB67.

Personally, I’m resisting all my urges to spend my savings buying up FP-100c. Fujifilm has been discontinuing films for a long time now. Each makes me sad, but this feels okay as I see various small little operations like Kodak Alaris, Ilford and Adox emerge from ashes producing good stuff. However, with regards to color peel apart film, this is it! Nothing else will work in the polaroid back and, as of late 2017, I have not found anyone who has figured out how to use Instax or new Polaroid film in the RB67.

If you have not shot FP-100C on a RB67 you should! The film does an excellent job of capturing the feel of looking through the RB67 lens.






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  1. Ruben Avatar

    There’s actually a instant film Polariod back that can adapted to the RB-67 using the peel apart Polaroid back adapter.

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