Instax on the RB67

With the looming end of FP-100c and peel apart film for the existing polaroid backs there is soon to be no affordable instant film on the RB67. I’m not affiliated with this kickstarter in any way but I’m really excited to see if it will work out (I’m personally undecided on whether I should reserve one). The Instax Wide is almost a perfect fit for 6×7 (really 7×7). It looks like this adapter mates with one of the existing Polaroid back adapters, thus will not use the rotating back. However, like the existing polaroid, you should get a “squarish” image. I’m hoping to get some more clarity from the project.







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  1. Antonin Avatar

    Hi! I was thinking about the same issue, for the moment I will go for a polaroid back + the method described in that video:, in order to test the results, then maybe buy the kikstarter one

    1. jodys Avatar

      I’d be happy to hear a report on how well that method works. I went ahead and backed the kickstarter. Fingers crossed.

  2. Roger Connely Avatar
    Roger Connely

    If anyone is interested, Coyote Camera Works just released an Instax Back for RB67, it can shoot Instax Square and Mini formats and it’s compatible with any RB67 without any modification. 😀

    If you want to learn more, you can visit their Instagram: @CoyoteCameraWorks

    1. Reuben Avatar

      $320USD is a hefty price. Did you get the Kickstarter edition?

  3. Reuben Avatar

    Its off center and at 150USD and you have to find a Insta Lab at 300USD

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